August 20, 2013

Her Abundant Heart and Honey Love

Her Abundant Heart

Honey Love

This is what it feels like,
when the Goddess awakens within me,
as I understand her to dwell in every woman,
when you have surrendered your hard defenses,
and I hold you in my arms, vulnerable at last,
finally weeping and courageous in your capacity to feel,
and from my human heart
such a holy river comes to flowing,
with a deep and potent honey love,
in wave upon succulent wave,
flooding and making moist
all the crevices of my being,
the eternally forth-coming pulse
of Her loving of you.
As  I hold you in my arms,
your body in this moment a universe of suffering,
it is this that She seeks to give to you,
through the singing of my heart,
and for as long as  this honey-love flows,
I will strive to find a way of showing you
that which She longs for you to receive.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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