June 30, 2014

Winter Solstice Magic

Solstice Sun

Such a delightful pleasure to have been asked by Macgregor Knox and Mardi Sommerfeld to contribute to this years fantastic Winter Solstice Bonfire at Monsalvat. It so feeds the soul to partake in these flights of fancy and whimsy and this event was truly spectacular. In the magical and transporting setting of Monsalvat the bonfire truly was a work of art and it felt such a potent experience to bare witness to this ritual of fire on such a large scale. Some of us had bound little prayers of letting go into the rays of the sun and there was such a sense of power in watching our prayers release into the atmosphere in such an impressive way. Mulled wine, Chai, delicious food, wonderful lanterns and very beautiful music made for a very joyfull solstice evening. Thanks to all who made this happen. Looking forward to next year already!

Signs for the event

Painting the Sun made by Mardi and Macgregor

Magnificent Bonfire Creation by Macgregor Knox

Lantern Parade


Last glimpse of the Sun

Basking in the glow

So many Fire Fairies!

Amazing lanterns made at community workshops facilitated by Lachlan Plane

The Moth and the Moon

Lucy Pierce © 2014

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