December 20, 2014

Terraphim and Solstice Blessings

 "Forged in Earth and Water, birthed in Air and Fire, purified and cleansed with sage and imbued with deer medicine drum, may this Terraphim bring a little peace of the power and love, insight and courage, tenderness and awakening of the fierce, loving heart of the Mother Earth into your life! May she remind us of the immense wisdom that dwells within the body, connecting us to Spirit and the holy Mother who dwells both beneath and within us. With labyrinthine womb, she journeys ever in, to the still centre, there to rest and commune, circling ever out again to offer Her gifts to the world. She listens deeply to the cycles of the moon and womb, within and without, as her blood spills forth to the fertile Earth, her heart a sacred bloom. Blessings on the Blood!"

New Blood Moon Terraphim available now on my Etsy store.

Blood Moon Terraphim

Cleansed and imbued with sage and drum

Also available, a limited number of Birthing Goddesses. More to come!