February 10, 2018

Where the Waters Meet

Sealers Cove Wilsons Promontory, January 2018

Where the Waters Meet

My heart feels like these waters 
at this point of low tide. 
The brackish culmination 
of my arduous tributaries,
of my contouring landscapes
pushing hard and fast 
into the great, salty, oceanic turquoise, 
which pushes back in turn. 
And there they mingle, 
one so reddish brown it could be blood, 
the other sharp and crystalline. 
Two forces apposing and yet ultimately 
surrendering their separateness 
to pulse and to meld 
in the force of tide and current,
mingling at last into the greater body of the two,
made as one. 
The muddle of experience merging 
with the source of creation.
A birthing place, 
where worlds colliding are reconciled, 
in the swirling pulse of transmutation.
The inner friction of disparate waters 
meeting, resisting, surrendering.
The beauty of the turgid.
The beauty of the pristine. 
The sweet waters and the salt waters.
The accumulated narrative and history of my terrain 
being received by the enveloping ocean 
of that which is greater,
to which all things 
must return.

Words and image © Lucy Pierce 2018

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