June 1, 2013

Spirit of Woman- Beheld


Spirit of  Woman
Oh spirit of life,
bold spirit of woman,
it is time now,
for me to fearlessly behold my own beauty
and to tremble in the tender fragrance
of my own robust and irrepressible blooming,
to be the presence that sees,
that knows, that bows to beauty.
No longer the tremulous aching for the other,
the parched and barren waiting to be beheld.
My roots tap the quick of the endless source,
my branches seek the eternity of all that dwells beyond,
my wings arch out forever
and I am love, whole and true.
No longer the waiting to be received,
I receive myself.
I open and behold this radiant shining,
my heart a fruitful bounty bursting forth
it’s juicy red seeds upon the opened Earth.
My womb an eternal well of all that is becoming.
I am upright and proud
I have the profound courage to walk in my beauty
because it is my birthright.
Who am I to think that I might lack
a decipherable language of love,
as though I were mute and blind in the darkness.
It is time to truly behold the woman
and to allow each quivering footstep
to truly land upon the ground of my being,
that the world and the Earth and the heavens
may receive me,
the fragrant and fierce
and fecund and proud
beauty that is woman.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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