June 22, 2013


I long for your hunger
to reach in and take me,
awaken me to your heart,
like when you wake in the night
and like a lone traveler in the desert
or a voyager lost at sea
and with unmediated instinct,
you turn and reach out
and take me
as though I were a ripe piece of fruit,
fresh from the tree
and without a word you quench
your parched mouth
at the nape of my neck,
drawing forth the hidden meaning of me
and calling me home to you
as with the full breadth of your hands
you wrap the cusp of my haunches
and drink deeply of me
and I am taken so exquisitely beyond
my own resistance to your love.
In an instance you strip from me
the farce of my withholding
and in that moment I come to know myself
as the long cool drink of the universe.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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