October 14, 2013


Birthing Woman                                                 Lucy Pierce

I see you there wild one,
how brave you are to bare your battle scars
and show us your wounds,
each step a courageous risking
of your infinitely tender heart,
to show us who you might really be,
beneath what you have been
so brutally asked to be.
I see you letting your hair go wild,
letting your fur thicken,
taking  the risk of setting the wisdom
of your own pheromones free,
without mask or disguise,
I see the blood on your thighs
and how you paint your brow with it
for a deeper vision.
I see that your awakening is not easy,
I see the torment within
and the undertow of your smallness.
I see your clumsy faltering
and the fear in your eyes
as I feel them within me
and I say to you, show me more,
take me deeper into the great mystery
of what we might be,
what we might become,
unshackled from our shame.
Brave one, I see you
and I honor the courageous path
of your sometimes painful
and exquisitely sweet unfolding.
I see the work you are doing,
there in your darkness.
And dear one I know that you came here
with such a precious and pristine wisdom
to gift to this world,
that you and only you can share.
I know how agonizingly buried
and brutalized that treasure can be,
and I beseech you,
for the sake of our Mother Earth,
to awaken your singing heart,
in the dark soil of your inner being ,
Listen to the keening of your gift,
and heed your tentative whisperings
as the path that will lead you
to your knowing again,
of why you came here
and of who you are,
We all of us belong here,
embedded deep within the heart
of this sweet Mother Earth,
and to each of us She whispers,
Her keening to heal,
the ululating of Her home-coming,
to Her children who have strayed
so far from the vast lore of Her love.
So come home to your body,
for it is here that She speaks,
and through all those energies
and beings who have already remembered
or never forgot that they belong to Her.
Turn your ear down to Her breast
and listen.
Wounded one,
dive deep into the heart
of your wound
and come to know
what is hidden there.
Stop your battling
and listen to that great silence,
spreading across the land.
Still yourself and listen . . .
I see it now,
I see the gentle power you carry
I sense the roots drop deeper down, 
your anchored gait.
I hear the rhythm of your dance upon her blessed back,
I see your gaze no longer apologizing,
I feel your medicine shine
as you walk with your Mother
home to Her,

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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