October 23, 2013

The Deep Within and Spirit Memory

The Deep Within                                                Lucy Pierce

This piece has been created as a part of the Red Teepee, a community arts project facilitated by Michelle Buggy of Birthing Art Birthing Heart, which has gathered together a myriad of women's creative expressions celebrating their relationships to their wombs and to menstruation.

Spirit Memory

My Spirit so deeply remembers
and I dance both in the exquisite grace of that remembering
and also in the pain of the body’s forgetting,
as though I were still too small somehow
for the bigness of that Spirit memory,
or perhaps still too full of other things.
Life continues to gift me though,
with the clashing dissonance of that interface.
It is infinitely tenacious, the lapping of that memory,
eroding the resistance of my wounds,
the timidity of my with-holding,
opening me ever so tenderly
to eternity
and to love.

Lucy Pierce © 2013


  1. It's a brave thing to claim the soulskin and run with it! You have always been clothed with the earth and radiated the warmth of an open heart...thankyou for sharing the artwork of your great Self with us!
    For my part I will endeavour to be warmed and guided by this & keep remembering that there are many ways to be soulful in the world. Thankyou so much Lucy All my love & admiration XZoe

    1. Bless your beautiful heart Zoe! You have always oozed soulfullness yourself. Thankyou for your poetic and generous words, and just for the record there is a fairly hefty amount of toxic self-doubt in the mix for me. There is the opening to share and then the terror of exposure. Such complex creatures we are! So much love to you, Lucy x x x

  2. This is a gift to witness, thank you for sharing and doing this brave work.
    Much love,

    1. Thank you Jessica. It is a blessing to receive these kind words today. Much love to you,

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