November 4, 2013

The Song

The Song

I find myself now singing a song
and sometimes it seems that the song
is like a tree with roots and branches,
reaching and grasping
and spreading the light from within
the dark core of its matter.
Delighted I find, that I am finally brave enough to share,
my voice woven into a matrix of other voices.
And although my song may fumble,
or my melody stumble
I am so deeply grateful for the song
and the delight of singing it,
surrounded by the harmonies of my fellow kin.
Knowing that my whole life might have passed,
without the gift of this sharing.
Because passing now are the years
of always wrestling with the lack,
and with the thought that there was something
that I was not,
that I somehow should have  been.
Too afraid to share the most true,
for fear of not being enough.
Too timid to gift the simplicity of my centre,
too complex even to see that gentle kernel,
so many layers of deceit wound around my heart.
And then making  that slow and gentle love
in the long dark nights
with She who loathes,
until I find that now, joy of joys,
I begin to see that I move more and more
from that centre point,
owning the wellspring within.
The dance rises, the image swells,
the creation moves itself
from that place that I value most within myself,
that fine and delicate gateway to beyond.
And I create not because I am good or not good,
but because I am alive.
The pure delight of sharing what feels most true,
that which belongs to the essence of this life-hood.
And I know now, sometimes timidly
and sometimes beyond a shadow of a doubt
that all that I need in this life,
I carry within me,
though still there are shrouds that fall
and rest in wait in the darkness,
still the stones and debris that stem the flow
of that ancient soul river,
that is myself from so long before I came to be me.
And I see now that age is in fact the blessing,
that it is the very falling away
of what I once had valued
that strips me bare of what has withheld me from myself
and as I shed and diminish in some ways
in others I ripen.
The medicine building in my bones,
the dream more textured with meaning,
the richness of the song,
finding its roots
twining back to the very pure beginning
when I was once awake
and deeply inside
the song of the universe.

Lucy Pierce © 2013


  1. Thank you you Divine, eloquent, beautiful Sister. You are such a blessing!
    Love Chelle

  2. Beautiful Chelle, I give thanks for your song in my life! x x x x