December 29, 2013


I have been quiet. I am walking through a deep darkness, and I have no words. Striving for healing in the wordless places within. But here is a picture, of the Selkie, the seal woman, longing for her true home. It sings of the dance within me, between the deep immersion that my soul longs for and the task of enduring life beyond the home of that deep oceanic belonging. The two parts longing for unity, the part that deeply knows and the part that is sometimes removed from my knowing; the part that feels that it cannot endure another moment of exiled existence and the part that dwells eternally in the nourishing waters of life.

Image and text © Lucy Pierce


  1. thank you, these were the words I was feeling.

    1. What a deeply beautiful name you go by. I feel a pull in my being towards such courageous ownership of this quality that I too carry through my days as a seemingly constant companion. I think I feel shame for my sorrow, it is something I try to spare people from, but I feel a renewed capacity to be more truly authentic, when I read your claiming of your sorrow as the true gift that she is. Thank you.