August 31, 2017



The mystical threshold of motherhood,
death and rebirth,
turning in towards that which repels us,
mothering the inner child, 
nursing the wound,
alongside the wonder,
allowing the breast to be a conduit
 for the cosmic river of milky love, 
nourishing us as it flows 
through the being to the ravenous mouth of the small one 
who wakes us up, 
as the activation of our milky love nourishes the stars in turn,
making the cosmos more beautiful,
mothering self and child, 
the two as one,
learning what it is that holds you 
as you hold other,
the excruciating death of becoming nothing 
but a conduit for creation, 
in service to love, 
the weight of the gift, 
the displacement of it,
the longing to bounce out 
and to have again what came before, 
what will come again after,
tears flowing rivers, 
healing the separation
of ourselves with source, 
the mother to her child, 
the child to her mother,
the self to the world,
the world to self,
dissolving into the transmutation,
making the world safe, 
by feeling it all and owning ourselves, 
the light and the dark, 
the giving and the withholding, 
the nourishing and the wounding, 
powerful work,
deep medicine work in the body of woman, 
flesh as magic, spirit as form, 
pain as becoming, surrender as arrival.
Psychically shielding the primal matrix from the world,
as life creates itself 
in the enduring trimester 
of our becoming earth bound 
with our babes, 
through our babes, 
and their still-tethered-to-the-spirit-world gaze.
Drinking, drinking, drinking 
in the divine mother Gaia's love,
we cannot survive this without her,
as we cradle the babe,
allowing ourselves to be the babe that is cradled, 
dying, being reborn, 
annihilated, retrieved, 
ecstasy, bliss,
terror, annihilation, 
tears, milk, blood,
love, grief, dislocation,
making whole, 
soothing the unmet child inside, 
returning to the cosmic womb, 
being rewoven into the miracle that is 
the embodied, sovereign, 
powerful, attuned mother
in this world that would scorn her.
Radical revolution of love and care,
transmuting in the cells,
driving in new roots, 
powerful work, becoming whole, 
and giving the child the opportunity 
to know herself as all things,  
always returning to love.

Image and text Lucy Pierce © 2017

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