September 8, 2017

The Delicate Gestures of Creation

"Abundance" by Shaunna Henshall 2017

I am so delighted to have become the custodian of this beautiful painting by Shaunna Henshall of @theforgottenhymn and

I feel so enlivened to behold those of us who live with such courageous sensitivity and intimate receptivity to the world around them, those who spend time dwelling in the in-between realms, bringing new life forth through the sensorial dimensions of their soulful permeability and the minutia of stroke, stitch, tone, strum on the taut canvas of the world, making life holy with the newness of their seeing and their trust in the unknowable. 
The courage of those who live in such fine attunment with the etheric interface with creation is where my hope lies for our earth. That She may birth a new future for Herself, through the whispers we still ourselves to hear, we will ourselves to trust, cultivating a relationship of reciprocity with the unseen, becoming the conduit through which the sacred is reborn anew to our kind.
The vast majesty of this cohesive world is made up of a multitude of fine, tender, delicate expressions of faith, the blade of grass, the leaf, the petal, the plume, the strand of hair or fur, the fin, the skin, the molecules and particles of creation. I feel we should never underestimate the power of fine and delicate things. Like the strands of grass that weave together to become a sturdy basket, which gapes wide to receive unto itself the mysteries of starlight and the vast night sky; the minute brush stroke of a bird's wing or a leaf's vein, that gives the soul flight. The world is put together by small things, it is made rich and relational by all the tiny offerings of our sovereign love, the choice to risk the actioning of what we cannot know until the step is taken, the formless given shape and meaning through our hand, the vision made realised through the embodied offering of the purity of our genesis. 

Life is given meaning by all the delicate gestures put together, through the maternal touch of care, the soulful tending of craft, gesture upon gesture upon gesture, alchemizing earth, air, fire, water, spirit into manifest reality, the heartfull caress of the body, the union of vibration and movement, song and dance, poetry and motion, paint stroke and cross stitch, bringing us home to eternity through the sensate presencing of our magnificent power to co-create this exquisite symphony of collaborative existence.

Image shown courtesy of Shaunna Henshall
Text © Lucy Pierce 2017

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