September 6, 2013

Ancient Rhythm

Blood Bowl                      Lucy Pierce

Ancient Rhythm

Nested so precisely in the crux of the invisible moon,
my womb spills forth her crimson elixir
and I delight in my body’s having come
finally to rest in this ancient rhythm.
The inward eye of the blood
reflected in the hidden face of the moon,
the treasure of the darkness two-fold,
the inner and the outer
and I know without a doubt
that She is my timepiece and my compass,
and that though I am Earth bound
my being spans the cosmos,
the workings of my womb
mirrored in the vast workings of the universe
and that I am a part of the plan,
so much bigger on the inside.
My blood is a fertile gifting from the stars
where the Grandmothers wait, watching.
It’s slick and pendulous flow
the caress that calls me home
to the molten heart of the earth
and to the mercurial mysteries of the universe
fathomed from within.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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