September 5, 2013

The Life Giving Terrain

The Life Giving Terrain

Breasts full and pendulous,
belly soft and beseeching,
sweeping down as though to hear more deeply
the Earth’s listening Heart.
The body of woman that holds and transmutes,
the body of woman as the body of the Earth
whole and bountiful,
it exudes it’s own gravitational pull
as you occupy the continent of your skin
with your sensual pleasure,
embodying the delight of a plump and juicy heart.
You remind me that the pieces of myself
that I feel are too much
are really the abundance of being
the body of the earth
in the body of woman,
with hill and dale and mossy outcrops,
the life-giving terrain,
textured and curvaceous and full.
You pull me in and down
with your embodied invitation
to inhabit the space so tenderly given
that is this body of love and of life
and of the undulating She-scape.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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