September 19, 2013

To Offer Wholeness


To Offer Wholeness

There have been times in my life
when without the strong anchor
of my own fierce embodiment,
I have felt like a leaf,
blown and buffeted by the wind,
slipping through cracks,
seeking respite in the shelter of quiet corners,
too afraid somehow and tentative
to come deeply down,
into the body, onto the Earth.
As though a good part of me
still dangled amongst the stars,
vast and unfixed,
blown so wide open
and so femininely fluid,
that when life has ask of me
to bring myself to bare,
it is such an almighty mustering
that must take place,
of all my disparate cells,
scattered through the cosmos,
to come in now, to come home,
to this moment, and to this body,
with it's broad feet,
it's curved circumference and furrowed brow,
to be someone and to belong, here,
solidly planted, with great twining roots
sinking deeply through the Earth’s crust,
exquisitely aware of the cradle of my pelvis,
the gravity of my bones
and the sweet whisper of my tomb.
Eyes and ears and heart and womb,
mind and soul awake
and entrained to the asking,
an offering of my wholeness
to this birthing of the moment.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

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