September 11, 2013

Blessings of Earth

Bear Woman                               Lucy Pierce

Blessings of Earth
May your love be a source of sustenance to the world,
May it continue to seed and flower and bare fruit
to nourish the life-blood of the soul,
the wellspring of the whole.
May your bodies be ever entwined
in the pleasures of this earthly garden of your love.
May you drink ever deeply from the cup of your own making.
May the moist and fertile soil of your own becoming
open to receive the seeds of your dreaming.
When it seems that that which lies between has withered,
may you return to the dark den of her womb
and reseed, restore, renew.
May you always walk together
to the rhythm
of the heartbeat
of the Mother.

Lucy Pierce © 2013

When my beautiful friends Simone Touissant and Andrew Darling were married at the beginning of the year it was such an honour to stand in ceremony with them, with my own beloved David beside me in the Earth element. This was my offering to them on their union. The Bear Mother finally fired all these moons later, and finally gifted so many years after she was first seeded. Thanks for your patience Simone! 
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