November 13, 2013

Four Phases of Woman

Such a deep pleasure to create these images for the School of Shamanic Midwifery, and deepen into my understanding of how our medicine as women does not diminish, though we may shed some things along the way, but that it rather builds and ripens. It has left me with a longing to more deeply venerate the elders of our culture, understanding that they have journeyed long and far, passing through so many gates of initiation to stand in that place of  wisdom and experience. 
I also feel gifted with the sense of rightness to each phase of a woman's life, that within each chapter there is a very particular quality of energy to be received, and that there is no other place to be than in the medicine of the moment. 
Jane Hardwicke Collings writes so beautiful in Moonsong about the lengthening of our modern life span and articulates the richness and gifting of this time of Maga, after our children have grown and before the passage into crone. I feel such a potency to this recognition of women as they gift the world with their finely crafted and empowered gleanings of a life deeply lived.
Blessed be.






  1. These are absolutely stunning!

  2. thank you for these lovely images. The sacredness of each part of the cycle is evident. I've been writing about menopause for a few years now, and though at 59 I still don't feel or look like a crone, I am approaching this new inner wisdom and desire to be alone with myself more as a gift.

    1. Thankyou musemother. There is so much for a woman to give in one life isn't there, each phase so rich and sacred and unique in it's own way. For me the question is how to stay deeply true to exactly where I am!

  3. Beautiful images of the stages in a woman's life <3

  4. Beautiful images of the stages in a woman's life <3