January 8, 2016

Sisters of the Deep Waters and Making Space

Because I have been such a tardy and recalcitrant blogger of late I am throwing caution to the wind and flooding this space with all my withheld offerings. From famine to flood with blessings and love! 

Sisters of the Deep Waters
I am very grateful to the beautiful Jane Hardwick Collings for her enduring request for a mermaid image, inspiring me to connect with these watery beings of the fluid, emotive realms of the ocean. I hadn't realised my inner mermaid until now!
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Making Space

 I am making space.
I am making a space within which I am enough, in and of myself.
A space with an edge beyond which I end and you begin.
I am making space in rejection of the belief
that there is not room enough for me to exist,
for me to shine and storm,
to inconvenience and disrupt,
to radiate and transform.
I am reaching in through the flesh and the sinew,
I am pulling on bones, stretching out muscles,
making room within for all that I was born to be.
I am being stretched and wrung,
squeezing out all that is not love,
all that would keep me small,
all that would have me believe that I am not enough.
I am wrestling out the voice that would tell me
that I am only safe in the inbetween spaces of dark matter.
I am making space for me to birth myself into being.
I am making space in my pelvis
so that the three million year old woman
can come to rest there,
and guide my every step from her ancient womb.
I am making space in my heart
for a thousand orgasmic blossoms to bloom,
ecstatically fragrant,
thunderously robust,
exquisitely tender.
I am making space in defiance of the story
that I am a worthy receptacle for other people’s pain,
the contract that I make with them to take them into myself
and have them seek their healing through me.
No more! I am making space and I give you back to yourself.
I am making space in order that when I travel out
to the far reaches of the cosmos
a part of me stays close to home,
to hold my self worth by the hearth fire
with the Grandmothers,
not allowing me to take all of me, all the way out there,
in search of the loving boundary
for the small, waiting child within me,
because in this space that I have made for myself
I know that I am loved and infinitely lovable, and here I am safe.
I am making a space with an edge
through which I can filter your opinion of me,
so that even if you don’t like me, I can still like myself.
I am making space for the fierce Mumma roar,
the ancient wild protectress,
who is unshakable in her mercy
for the vulnerable and the innocent,
for the unloved and the wounded.
I am making space in my throat
for the full bodied blooming of my song,
the voice of my power to meet the world
unbound and free,
blossoming and bold.
I am making space for vision to be received,
and for the will to enact the call of what I know to be true,
I am making space so that the gap between
my vision and my actioning is seamless,
because there is space to say Yes to what is mine to give
and I am answerable to none but the ancient lore of life.
I am making space for the blood to flow,
and to be reclaimed by the land
and to receive the ancient lineage of my dream speak
through the precious thread of my moon time,
and to drink deep of the Earth,
primal, raw and sensual.
I am making space to swell and to undulate,
to unravel and enfold,
to dance and to sing, 
to sleep and to dream,
to love and to play.
I am making a space where I am sovereign queen,
from here I do not give myself away,
from here I am whole,
from here there is time and space for me.
I am making space to hold my tender, frightened child
with such a fierce authority of love,
I am making the space to take responsibility for myself,
and my unmet need so that I can set my loved ones free.
I am making space to suckle from the stars,
the sweet milk of vision and mystery
and the ancient story of our belonging.
I am making space to let the Earth mate with the Cosmos,
in sacred union,
through the holy passage of my body
I am making space for my ancestors to shudder through my bones,
their raucous No to all that does not serve my purest becoming,
and their Yes to that which gently opens
a clean fold of being
that will serve all of our futures.

Words and image © Lucy Pierce 2016

Recent Paintings

I have been so blessed this year with the task of painting gifts for dear and beloved people in my life. It feels very different to work with a specific intention and someone in my heart, I feel the work that comes in this way has a different quality to my other paintings. Beautiful to share from my heart in this way though.

"She Drinks of the Deep Waters" 

 "Her Garden of Children"

"Forgiving the Fox"

Prints of all these images are available on my Etsy site. www.etsy.com/shop/lucypierce

Images and text © Lucy Pierce 2016