June 16, 2015

Flowering Mama

It was such an honour to be asked by the lovely Cherie Nixon of the Australian Homebirth Association to create a little gift for all the guest speakers at this year's Homebirth Conference held at the Melbourne Town Hall at the end of May.
This Flowering Mama was the little figure created and she is now available for sale through my Etsy store.

All my sculptures are left to charge under the moon with the cosmic energies of their time of emergence. They are then smudged and cleansed with sage, charged with a prayer of intention, imbued with song and attuned to the Earth’s heart with the rhythm of medicine drum.

May you know yourself to be
the sacred embodiment of creation,
your heart the cosmic Weaver,
your womb the temple of life,
trusting deeply in the great mystery of your own becoming
and held so tenderly in the love of our Earth Mother,
swayed by the exquisite dance of your own softness
and your own power,
You are Blessed. 
Blessed be.