September 15, 2015

She Suckles the Stars

"She Suckles the Stars"

Extract from Star Milk

Her gaze now is sky bound,
for she has learnt to move towards the vast darkness,
to embrace it as a lusty lover,
losing herself in it’s grasp,
as the milky love that once nursed her babes
flows out to the cosmos now,
it's pulsing light forming stars in the darkness.
Galaxy's are born in the wake of her expression
of what had been withheld,
an erotic stream of reclamation and forgiveness ,
an exultation of imperfection
and the jubilation of her tender acceptance.
 It shimmers in the deep black of her night sky,
this gifting of her love from deep within the song
of her embraced suffering.
And as she dances she opens her mouth, her full lips parting,
and drinks in to herself the self same elixir,
the milky river of star love,
whose ecstatic pulse floods her mouth
like a new born babe at its mother’s breast,
the milk dribbles from the corners of her mouth,
rivulets gush down the contours of her throat,
pooling at her collar bones, as she guzzles the flood,
the nectar of her own divinity, this ancient cosmic beauty.
She grows plump on its succor
as its undulates her succulent body in the full-throated dance.
She has become herself,
disencumbered by beauty and propriety,
this deep well of a woman.

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Image and words © Lucy Pierce 2015