February 15, 2014

His Love so Ancient, Deep and Pure

His Love so Ancient Deep and Pure                                                                  Lucy Pierce

Wild God
I feel such a heart full of yearning for Him,
His love so ancient, deep and pure.
His love so true and undefiled.
In the face of all the atrocities,
the rape and the violence,
in the wake of all the chaos and pain,
do I dare to ask for His purity?
I call to Him from the deep of me,
"Teach me to see your face,
reveal to me all the ways I am blind to you."
He who dwells beneath the distortion,
He whose love is as vast as the universe,
as resilient as the wildest storm,
as tender as the softest sensing,
it is You that I long for,
for my sisters and my brothers,
for my sons and my daughters,
for myself, to know you,
to feel Your fierce protection
within me and without.
I seek You deep inside the eyes of my lover,
through the spiraling strands of his DNA,
stretching all the way back to the very beginning,
You were there then weren’t You?
I call to You in the patterns that I trace
on the sleeping skin of my son.
I reach for You in the memory of my father,
aching for You to have seen me through his eyes,
I beseech You in the marrow of my very own bones.
Help us to see You, Wild God,
whose immeasurable heart we dream within.

Lucy Pierce © 2014