April 19, 2016

Three Sisters

Three Sisters, their voices weaving the universe together, plaiting the strands of Cosmos, Body and Earth. Embedding the song into the deep. Connecting hearts and souls with sound, vibration and the joy of communion.

Grateful to Megan Frasheski for the inspiration, in honour of the beauty she is weaving with the Three Sisters Song Collective.

Prints and Cards of Three Sisters are available from my Etsy store.

Image ©Lucy Pierce 2016

April 16, 2016

Earth Angel

This painting is a tribute to an incredible woman who passed beyond this life earlier this year. She left such a profound legacy of abundant beauty and love, of connection and joy,  generosity and realness. I am so grateful to have known her.

Beautiful woman, you fed the soul of the world.
You nourished our eyes with the grace of your beauty,
you nourished our hearts with your fierce and radiant love.
Our bodies you nourished from the gifts of your hearth,
the twinkle in your eye,
and each and every step of your dance,
every note of your song,
nourishing the soul of our beings
and quivering through the sky to the farthest of stars,
your humble offerings of magnificent love a gift to the cosmos.
I am sorry that we could not hold you here,
that our drinking of your beauty
could not ease the suffering
that your vastness also held,
the private serenade of pain
that often belies the surface of our lives.
I'm sorry we were not a more tender resting place,
a more truthful mirror,
I'm sorry that we could not reach in
to touch that place of no return,
I am sorry that our culture does not make ceremony
through which we may purge our grief and our torment,
through which we may be seen to the depth of our shadow
and held as we are in all our earthly offerings to the light.
All the world mourns the passing of you,
your shining heart and generosity of spirit.
All the world is a sadder place
that we did not make a home of you
till your hair turned white
and your skin became a treasure map
of all your pleasures and all of your pains,
of all of the gifts that you bore us,
the tears that you shed
and the gentle shimmering of your joy,
of your courageous depth of feeling.

Cards and prints of this image are available from my Etsy store, with 50% percentage of profits going towards supporting the passions Trish fostered in her living, through Trish's Legacy Fund, contributing to The Growing Abundance Project and in support of the Yolgnu women.

Image and words © Lucy Pierce 2016