November 15, 2017

Bloodmoon Blessing- a prayer, picture and poem

May the wombs of all daughters be blessed, as eggs in the ovaries of their mothers, inside the wombs of their grandmothers, blessed at their conception and blessed at their birth. May the wombs of all maidens be blessed at their menarche. May the wombs of all women be blessed always at the alter of their loving, through the cycles of their blood, in their terminations and their miscarriages and at the birthing of their babes. May the womb of woman be blessed through all the years of her blood tide and beyond, in her menopause and through all the years of her wisdom giving and also blessed at her death, for all she has dreamed and birthed into being for the all. May all wombs be known as sacred.

Daughter of the mystery
when your time comes
and your moon blood flows
may you know what it is 
that you have become.
May there be fragrant blossoms 
and loving hands
and tender care to escort you
through the threshold.
May there be tears of grief and praise,
for what has been lost 
and what has become,
for death and rebirth
for joy and longing.
May your blood be claimed 
as the powerful medicine it is,
the reciprocal conduit of your sovereign relationship 
to the Mother Earth beneath your feet
and also now within your womb,
birthing your sensitive interface
with her magnificence
with each cycle of the moon.
You are blooming and rising to become
the living embodiment 
of life's co-creative capacity,
with it the great gift and the responsibility
for what is born of our endeavouring 
to know and to love
the beingness of our bodies,
the longing of our hearts
the knowings of our souls,
returning the nourishing harvest of our wombs,
the potent gift of our blood
to the earth who sustains us.
May we, the world that holds you 
be fierce and uncompromising 
in our advocacy of you,
in our celebration of your exquisite becoming.
May you know yourself to be as the moon
and as the cycling tides,
embedded in the vast serenade of creation,
your body marking the rythmns of the universe 
within the intimacy of your temple,
the holy treasure of your skin.
May you know the preciousness
of your own becoming,
how sacred it is. 
May we know how to welcome you,
woman born,
birthing love

on this good earth.

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Text and image © Lucy Pierce 2017